Testimonies of the training and the trainer

Provident Pénzügyi Zrt.

Management Team motivation and Team Building

Motivational Maps, Way of the Champions motivation model

Training targets: Self-knowledge, knowing each other, improving cooperation, measure and improve motivation levels

“Dear Attila!

We thank you for the training. I must tell you honestly, that we all found it very powerful and it surprised us very positively, how precisely Motivational Maps could identify our motivational factors, after a short questionnaire. All of us liked this method and we are very satisfied with our results, too. Now, understanding everyone’s inner drivers much better, I am sure, we will be able to support  each other more effectively.

Congratulations to the training, it was fantastic!”

Szirmák Botond, CEO

Building a Strong Team – D.A.S. Jogvédelem Biztosító (D.A.S. Legal Protection Insurance)

individual and group performance, goals, achieving goals, communication

“The day went by before I even know it! It was interesting, fast-paced, and riveting training. This is the kind of training I’d always like!”

Anita Mercz

“He didn’t assign tasks, instead, he cooperated with us while working with us and teaching us, this is something I particularly liked!” Danijéla Tosevski

“The tasks were very interesting and constructive! I feel that they greatly contributed to the development of my personality and helped me start to use more conscious communication.”

Dr. Klaudia Fekete

“It was a very credible and motivating training!”

Erzsébet Rieder

Building a Community – Hírös Sport Nonprofit Kft.

Goalsetting, norms, communication, collaboration, vision

“The most positive aspect was the development of communications skills, and realizing just how much influence I had!”

Ádám Gnóth

“He did an excellent job! He motivated the team extremely well, stayed in the background, but directed the team well! The most positive thing was his very novel vision, which he brought from the world of competitive sports.”

Zoltán Feyér

Sopronbank logo

Sales Champions Mentoring- Sopron Bank Burgenland

Communications, increasing customer satisfaction, conflict management, management communication, coaching-based leadership

“Dear Attila,

I have participated in a great deal of sales support trainings in the past 22 years of my banking career, but I can say without any form of flattery that the 3 days which you have given us were the most useful among all of these!
It was not grinding, instead it grabbed and kept our attention constantly and we were not to forced to “Stand up and talk” exercises that only few people like…., on the contrary, we received extremely useful exercises and examples, and spent all this time in a very good atmosphere.
I can only congratulate you on this excellent training!

Yours sincerely,
Eszter Molnár”