With our partners below we offer product and service packages which will help you effectively reach your goals in business life. Whether individually, personally, or on teams or groups, we have the right product for you.

Budapest Institute of Banking  is supporting the development of the hungarian financial sector. Thanks to my banking career and experience, I can join and add some tailor-made trainings for entities working on financial and capital markets.  Communication in client complaint management develops skills to manage tensions and conflicts with clients. Motivation is one of the most important topics in business. My tools to offer: FITNESZ motivation model is for leaders and teams, Way of the Champions for personal and team growth with the power of sport, Motivational Maps for individual and team motivation awareness and management – are all excellent tools to raise motivation and well-being in business environment. Webinar formats are also available for all these contents.

Gergely Vada - Fusion Vital

Gergely Vada – Fusion Vital

Leadership Vitality Program

How consciously do you treat your body and its physiological energy? The focus of our program is work, stress, revitalization and our energy levels. You receive immediate feedback you can use to start living a healthy life, you will see clearly what you need to do to be an even better leader, so that your energy can rub off on all of your surroundings!

Try it, I guarantee that we will introduce a change into your life! You will understand yourself, your body and its functioning better, you will learn a team motivational model so that your team can be more fit as well – everybody wins. Our program helps you learn to manage your energy more consciously, you will then become more optimistic and will more easily perform on a very high level, just like Olympians do!

Judit Erzsébet Kovács - Pegazus Coaching

Judit Erzsébet Kovács – Pegazus Coaching

Equestrian Coaching with Olympic Experience

Have you ever spent time with a horse? If not yet, the time is now! The behavior of horses is instinctive and therefore very honest, with their help we can get feedback that we never could from people in our workplace. We look at our own functioning, the models of our behaviors, and we learn in a natural way.

I got a great deal of learnings from horses in my time as a pentathlete and as a leader I could take huge advantage of what I learned from them! This is the knowledge and experience which I want to share with the help of my partner Judit and with the cooperation of the horses! It is great to spend time with horses, and easy to learn from them!