• Apollo Consulting Kft. Started its operation with a goal to share the assets, knowledge and experience at our disposal to help the everyday lives of people in business and sport.
  • Our activities target human capital, the wonderful uniqueness of humanity, cooperation and the inherent enormous strength shared by people!
  • Our pillars are positive psychology, emotional intelligence and learned optimism, beyond the power of olympic sport.

Spending 24 years in modern pentathlon and two decades in the banking industry have given me a wealth of experience: goal orientation, stress management, teamwork, motivation, self-motivation, ambition and flexibility.

What I learned in olympic sports at a very high level, I am able to transfer into business life and what I learned in business, I give back for the benefit of sport and its communities.

As a Managing Director I am driven by the motivation to help people recognize and explore their own values, so that there can be many happier and more successful people in the world!