The joy of development: communications and leadership

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If you would like to be more effective in achieving your goals in business life, I welcome you in our training programs! I combine the strength of my Olympic sports career with two decades of business experience to guarantee you effective and practical trainings with me!

The champions of conflict management

Conflicts can be managed in many ways, but we decide on our own, how to handle the tense situations that arise in our day-to-day lives. Our decisions affect our lives in the workplace, but they also influence our whole life and milieu. With that in mind, in this training I help you to find something new about conflicts: OPPORTUNITY! Every conflict is a fantastic opportunity to improve our relationships in business and in our private lives, it is an opportunity to take an active part in shaping our destiny, and to lead a happier life at work and at home every day!

Coaching-mindset leadership

If you are a leader in business life, then in this training I will help you to use leadership methods consciously and effectively, including, among others, the topics of motivating, delegating, creating goals, and realizing them. My own model has brought successes in business, and now I am sharing this knowledge with you! You will get to know the elements of coaching and then consciously build into your management routine, thereby creating a more harmonious work environment every day!

The champions of conflict management coaching
Coaching-mindset leadership training