• It’s our fundamental social goal to help people develop through our activities, thereby making the commercial and business world more human.
  • Our pillars are positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and learned optimism.
  • We try to develop and promote a kind of mindset which supports both the community and individuals to become more effective, happier, and more balanced!


Self-awareness is essential to personal development. To face and understand what comes from the outside and look at what happens within. Who am I, what are my goals and how can I accomplish them, who can be of help in this? Giving a meaning to our work life, letting talent unfold – this is what self-awareness helps accomplish.


​To develop and help others discover themselves, let their talents blossom and doing the same for groups or advancing the company – this is the human objective. Challenges, successes, failures, and lessons. For both managers and their workers: consistent and regular practice, ongoing improvement – that is what we help you accomplish.

Quality of life

​Everyday life easily distracts us from important questions. How can we grow together, what do we have to do to make our workplace or family life better? What do we have to change and do so that we can accomplish our individual and common goals at work more easily? – these are the questions we will answer together!

We provide training, mentoring and coaching as needed in the following areas

  • Life management, self-awareness, work-life balance
  • Leadership, development of leadership skills
  • Emotional intelligence in leadership and in the team
  • Communications, assertiveness, conflict management
  • Sales, customer orientation
  • Self-motivation, success-oriented thinking, self-realization
  • Team motivation and coaching
  • Financial knowledge, developing financial awareness